Malaysian Hall Abbasiah


Malaysian Hall Abbasiah Cairo (DMAK) built on a piece of land measuring 2.212 square meters and placed under the management of the Education Malaysia Egypt (EME), Ministry of Education (MOE).


DMAK is the new name given to the Malays of the Abbasiah House hostel (ARMA), which was upgraded and the completion of structural repairs on February 29, 2004.


DMAK has four buildings: blocks of students, student block, block and block wardens house guesthouse.


DMAK reopened on 1 April 2004 with 150 residents taking the pilot.


There are also office buildings EME DMAK, warden of the house, great hall, cafeteria, prayer room, gymnasium, library, computer labs, meeting rooms, guest house, guest rooms and room the association / club.


DMAK Opening Ceremony was officiated by YB Dato ‘Seri Dr Haji Shafie bin Haji Mohd Salleh, Minister of Higher Education in December 2004.